How can I use web scraping to monitor Nordstrom product availability?

Monitoring Nordstrom product availability can be accomplished through web scraping, which involves programmatically downloading the web page content and extracting the relevant information. Before you start scraping, it's essential to check the website's robots.txt file to understand the scraping rules and ensure that you comply with their terms of service. Additionally, you should avoid making too many rapid requests to avoid overloading the server or getting your IP address banned.

Note: Web scraping can be legally and ethically contentious, and it is important to scrape responsibly and with respect to the website's terms of service. Use the following information for educational purposes only.

Here is a general outline of steps you can follow to monitor product availability on Nordstrom using web scraping:

  1. Identify the URL of the product page you want to monitor.
  2. Inspect the page to understand how product availability information is structured and where it is located within the HTML.
  3. Write a script to send a request to the URL, parse the HTML, and extract the availability information.
  4. Schedule the script to run at regular intervals.

Below are example scripts in Python using the requests and BeautifulSoup libraries, and in JavaScript (Node.js environment) using axios and cheerio. These examples assume you have identified the HTML structure that indicates product availability.

Python Example

import requests
from bs4 import BeautifulSoup
import time

# Replace 'product_url' with the actual product page URL
product_url = ''

def check_availability(url):
    headers = {
        'User-Agent': 'Your User-Agent String'
    response = requests.get(url, headers=headers)
    if response.status_code == 200:
        soup = BeautifulSoup(response.content, 'html.parser')

        # Adjust the selector to match the element that indicates product availability
        availability_container = soup.select_one('.product-availability-class')
        if availability_container:
            availability = availability_container.text.strip()
            # You can implement additional logic to handle the availability status
            print(f"Product availability: {availability}")
            print("Product availability information not found.")
        print(f"Failed to retrieve page, status code: {response.status_code}")

# Run the check every hour (3600 seconds)
while True:

JavaScript (Node.js) Example

First, install the required packages:

npm install axios cheerio

Then, create your script:

const axios = require('axios');
const cheerio = require('cheerio');

// Replace 'productUrl' with the actual product page URL
const productUrl = '';

const checkAvailability = async (url) => {
    try {
        const response = await axios.get(url, {
            headers: {
                'User-Agent': 'Your User-Agent String'

        const $ = cheerio.load(;

        // Adjust the selector to match the element that indicates product availability
        const availabilityContainer = $('.product-availability-class');
        if (availabilityContainer.length) {
            const availability = availabilityContainer.text().trim();
            // You can implement additional logic to handle the availability status
            console.log(`Product availability: ${availability}`);
        } else {
            console.log("Product availability information not found.");
    } catch (error) {
        console.error(`Failed to retrieve page: ${error}`);

// Run the check every hour
setInterval(() => {
}, 3600000);

Remember to replace '.product-availability-class' with the actual selector that corresponds to the element containing the availability status on the Nordstrom product page. Also, update the User-Agent string in the headers with your own or a commonly used one to simulate a real browser request.

Important: When scraping websites, it's crucial to respect their terms of service, limit the frequency of your requests, and follow all legal guidelines. If Nordstrom provides an official API, it is recommended to use that instead of scraping, as it's more reliable and respectful of the website's resources.

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