What proxies are recommended for Nordstrom web scraping?

When it comes to web scraping websites like Nordstrom, which is a large and sophisticated retail platform, it's important to use proxies to avoid detection and potential IP blocking. Proxies allow you to route your requests through different IP addresses, making it less likely for the website to identify and block your scraper. Here are some recommendations for proxies that can be used for Nordstrom web scraping:

Types of Proxies

  1. Residential Proxies

    • These proxies provide you with IP addresses that belong to real devices in residential areas. They are less likely to be blocked because they appear as genuine user traffic.
    • They can be expensive but are worth the investment if you're doing large-scale scraping.
  2. Rotating Proxies

    • These proxies automatically rotate IP addresses, usually after every request or after a specified time. This helps in minimizing the risk of detection.
    • They can be either residential or data center proxies.
  3. Data Center Proxies

    • These are the most common types of proxies and are not affiliated with an ISP. They are faster but more prone to detection and blocking since they don't correspond to real user IPs.
    • They are suitable for small-scale scraping and are more affordable than residential proxies.
  4. Mobile Proxies

    • These proxies use IP addresses assigned to mobile devices by their mobile network providers.
    • They are very effective as mobile IPs tend to have a higher trust level on many websites.

Recommended Proxy Providers

  • Smartproxy: Offers residential and rotating proxies with a large pool of IPs.
  • Luminati (now Bright Data): Provides a vast number of residential, mobile, and data center proxies with advanced targeting options.
  • Oxylabs: Known for its reliable residential and data center proxies, suitable for web scraping.
  • Storm Proxies: Offers rotating residential proxies which are good for web scraping purposes.

Tips for Using Proxies with Nordstrom

  • Rotation: Ensure that your proxy service can rotate IP addresses frequently to minimize the risk of detection.
  • Geotargeting: Use geotargeted proxies to appear as though you are accessing the site from different locations, which can be less suspicious.
  • Concurrency: Limit the number of concurrent requests to avoid overwhelming the site and triggering anti-scraping measures.
  • Headers and Timing: Mimic human behavior by using realistic headers and varying the timing between requests.
  • Legal Compliance: Always comply with Nordstrom's terms of service and relevant laws. Scraping can be legally complex, and you should seek legal advice if unsure.

Example of Using Proxies in Python (with requests library)

import requests
from itertools import cycle

# List of proxies
proxies = [
    # ... more proxies

# Proxy pool
proxy_pool = cycle(proxies)

url = 'https://www.nordstrom.com/'

# Make a request with each proxy
for i in range(len(proxies)):
    # Get a proxy from the pool
    proxy = next(proxy_pool)
    print(f"Request #{i+1}:")
        response = requests.get(url, proxies={"http": proxy, "https": proxy})
    except requests.exceptions.ProxyError as e:
        # Skipping the proxy if an error occurred
        print("Proxy error:", e)

Example Using Proxies in JavaScript (with node-fetch library)

const fetch = require('node-fetch');
const HttpsProxyAgent = require('https-proxy-agent');

const proxies = [
    // ... more proxies

const url = 'https://www.nordstrom.com/';

proxies.forEach(proxy => {
    const agent = new HttpsProxyAgent(proxy);

    fetch(url, { agent })
        .then(response => response.text())
        .then(data => {
        .catch(err => {
            console.error('Proxy error:', err);

Note: Always replace 'http://username:password@ipaddress:port' with the actual proxy details provided by your proxy service.


When choosing proxies for Nordstrom web scraping, consider the scale of your operation, budget, and required success rate. Residential or rotating proxies are generally recommended for their reliability, though they may come at a higher cost. Always ensure you're using proxies ethically and in compliance with legal restrictions and website terms of service.

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