Are there any limitations on the number of reviews I can scrape from Trustpilot?

Yes, there are limitations on the number of reviews you can scrape from Trustpilot, which stem from both technical and legal considerations.

Legal Considerations

Trustpilot's terms of service prohibit any form of data scraping or automated access to their website without permission. Trustpilot is particularly vigilant about protecting their data and the user content hosted on their platform. Unauthorized scraping can lead to legal consequences, as it violates their terms of service and potentially infringes on copyright laws and data protection regulations like GDPR.

Technical Considerations

Even if you had permission to scrape Trustpilot, you would encounter technical limitations:

  1. Rate Limiting: Many websites, including Trustpilot, have rate limits in place to prevent abuse of their services. These rate limits can be based on a number of requests per second, per minute, or per hour from a single IP address.

  2. IP Blocking: If you exceed the rate limits or behave like a bot, Trustpilot may block your IP address.

  3. CAPTCHA: Trustpilot might implement CAPTCHA challenges to verify that requests are made by a human, which can prevent automated scraping tools from accessing the data.

  4. Dynamic Content: Trustpilot pages may load dynamically using JavaScript, which can make scraping more challenging as you might need to emulate a browser or use tools like Selenium to interact with the webpage.

  5. API Limits: If you are using Trustpilot's API (with permission), they will likely have a limit on the number of calls you can make and the amount of data you can retrieve.

Ethical Considerations

Web scraping must be done ethically and responsibly. This means respecting the rules set by the website owner, not overloading their servers, and considering the privacy of the users whose data you are scraping.

How to Scrape Responsibly

If you decide to scrape data from websites like Trustpilot:

  1. Check the robots.txt file of the website to see what their policy is on web scraping. Trustpilot's robots.txt file can be found at

  2. Look for an official API provided by Trustpilot and use it in accordance with their guidelines.

  3. If you must scrape the website directly, do so sparingly with generous delays between requests to minimize the impact on their servers.

  4. Always follow the legal requirements and obtain the necessary permissions before scraping any data.


While it is technically possible to scrape reviews from Trustpilot, doing so without explicit permission would violate their terms of service and could lead to legal action. It's important to respect the intellectual property and privacy of others when considering scraping data. Always look for legitimate means to access data, such as through official APIs, and abide by the terms of use provided by the service.

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